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What drives us?

Pharmaceutical quality

The active ingredients of our products and total quality in all the processes of our company.


Formulas designed and developed to achieve integral solutions based on technologically advanced active ingredients.



Peptides help skin defend against external damage by preventing and restoring firmness, texture and smoothing wrinkles.

TOSKANI uses innovative combinations of peptides to ensure skin looks flawless from the inside out.


Our active ingredients penetrate the skin better thanks to their biomimetic composition and our encapsulation technology.

TOSKANI uses transdermal delivery system technology to protect the actives and allow them to be released into the target layer of the skin and to be up to 10 times more effective than free actives.


Hylauronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a physiological ingredient that deeply moisturises and stimulates collagen formation.

TOSKANI uses the best quality hyaluronic acid from pharmaceutical biofermentation technology. This ensures that the skin looks hydrated and rejuvenated.


The results of clinical studies conducted over the years support the efficacy of our products.


All our products are subjected to the most exhaustive controls so that their application is effective for the aesthetic professional and safe for the client.

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